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Symptom Hall

In 1993, in a neglected community hall in a residential area off Toronto's Dundas Street, a group of freaks, outcasts and performance artists created a legendary local 'Temporary Autonomous Zone.' This 48 minute audio documentary recaptures the moment with over two dozen collaged interviews.

Created with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council.

Unpopular Arts: Audio Documentaries


The Stupid Journey

Accompanying audiotape to the 1998 zine The Stupid Journey. 60 minutes of sounds from my four months hitchhiking across Canada.

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Black Rubber Loves To Burn

Today the Grimsby (Ontario) Pumphouse is a community art centre. But not too long ago it was an illegal dump and unofficial playground. Constructed from site-based reminiscences by local resident Andrew Gallagher, this 2012 piece features dense editing that reshapes the anecdotes into pure sound.