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Unpopular Arts 2019

This blog will keep you updated on what promises to be a busy 2020! But let's start with a look over our shoulder.

Unpopular Arts (and its ancestor, Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts) has had plenty of chapters of manic, prolific output. That has not happened lately.

In 2017 I went on ODSP for post traumatic stress (childhood stuff - it's in the movies if you squint). In 2018 a toxic cocktail of poverty and shame drove me from Toronto for good. Since then I've pretty much been in storage - back on the family farm, sorting through the archive.

One outcome was a big donation to The Media Commons - over 200 file boxes of audio-visual materials I've salvaged over the years, with more to come. The collection will be made public soon, and I will let you know when it does.

Two summers ago I attended Phil Hoffman's Independent Imaging Retreat, and there I shot my own 16mm film for the first time (I REGRET has since played at TIFF Bell Lightbox and Photophobia). I've since got my own electric Bolex up and running and raring to go. Soon, very soon, I will film the Manitoba snake orgies.

Meanwhile my collage work continues, lately moving into installation contexts. My three-screen assemblage of 16mm corporate training films MONDAY -> FRIDAY premiered at the In The Soil Festival and, like I REGRET, is still being shopped around for another little while. Stay tuned! And/or get in touch if you got any ideas.

But mostly, I Digitized Media. So much media. First reel to reel tapes, then cassettes, vinyl, VHS, and lastly (for now), a huge swath of my 16mm film library. This, friends, is The Unpopular Archive, and this project is gaining prominence alongside my arty work. Enjoy daily posts on the Unpopular Arts Youtube Page for the next several months, and there will be more to report soon.

I also did some fussing around with this web site. So take a look around.

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