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Taking Shelter

Prepare to face the power of the ultimate dimension!


“Aliens, robots and frenzied seductresses as the missing links of Canuckfilm? That sounds like a Canadian movie classic all its own.”- Peter Howell, Toronto Star


A disagreeable crew of imperialist aliens invade Canada. Fragments of 434 Canadian feature films are mashed into this 83 minute, found-footage narrative feature.

“Some sort of temporal-lobe-seizure-inducing form of trance technology, with Christopher Plummer pulling the levers.”
- Adrian Mack, Georgia Straight

- 11 minutes of deleted scenes
- Yonge Street in the movies
- Kids on TV “Poison” video
- “Science Crazed” 5 minute digest
- "Rob Ford explained with Canadian movies"
- Interviews with Tax Shelter actors Lisa Langlois and Lesleh Donaldson

Color/BW. Total running time: approx. 120 minutes.


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Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It's "the revolution of everyday lunch" as direct action comes to the frustrating Southern Ontario small town of Grimsville. A teenage leftist bookworm, a stoner 4-track geek, and an angry unemployed punk rocker come together for this unlikely insurrection. Sophisticated infantile comedy from JC Culp.

“A funny foray into cheesy acting and cheesy singalongs as well as an off the wall climax...communist dialogue and gross out tidbits.” - Broken Pencil magazine

- Trailer
- Behind the scenes Super 8 footage
- interview with JC
- Plus 3 JC short films shot in the Niagara Region

Color/BW. Total running time: approx. 120 minutes.

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How Does It Work?

The epic and hallucinatory short "How Does It Work?" highlights a sprawling collection of found footage collage videos by JC Culp. This DVD features 90 minutes of work spanning three decades.

​How Does It Work? (2001, 22:00)
Death Mask (2004, 5:00)
Jonathan Culp! (1996, 4:00)
Chew It, Somalia (1998, 6:00)
Hot Divorcee (2012, 4:00)
Reproduction Prohibited (2009, 5:00)
Eventually (2005, 5:00)
U!S!A! U!S!A! (1998, 6:00)
Design a Language (2012, 8:00)
Plasticman and the Justice League (2002, 16:00)
Our Vacation Trip (1998, 6:00)
The Boob (1998, 2:00)
Down With Fun (1996, 4:00)

Color/BW. Total running time: approx. 90 minutes.

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It Can Happen Here

For 26 years, JC Culp's great-grandfather was an inmate at the Weyburn Mental Hospital. On the eve of the hospital's demolition, JC journeys to Saskatchewan, to try to understand their ancestor's life in context.

This ambitious 'reality collage' highlights a wide-ranging collection of videos which approach social movements and activist themes from a variety of contexts and styles.

It Can Happen Here (2006, 47:00)
Eventually (2005, 6:00)
Traffic Jamming (1998, 12:00)
HERE 75 Picket (2004, 8:00)
Ghost Squat (2005, 5:00)
Pussy Palace Panty Picket Protest! (2000, 2:00)
Fighting to Win (2000, 15:00)
Captain Do-Gooder (2001, 6:00)
Hiding Time (1998, 4:00)
Supplement (2005, 8:00)

Color/BW. Total running time: approx. 120 minutes.

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Live musical performances by Several Futures and Picastro with super 8 collages and loops by JC.

Red Shift
33 minutes. Performed January 31, 2009
Single channel super 8 collage by JC Culp.

Music by Picastro.

A New Place To Dwell
53 minutes. Performed December 17, 2015
Multi channel super 8 loops by JC Culp.

Music by Several Futures.

Plus music videos for songs by Broken Puppy, Kids on TV, Loogan Bin, Several Futures, and Tomboyfriend.

"A compelling artistic collaboration...a synergistic hybrid of interactive film and live musical performance."

- David DeRocco, GoBe Weekly


Live material technically enhanced for DVD.

Color/BW. Total running time: approx. 120 minutes.