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Another thing Jonathan Culp did

Jonathan Culp's favourite toy as an infant was a Keystone 8mm camera that he used to wind and re-wind in the sandbox. Next he started shoving giant pieces of poster paper into his mom's manual typewriter and wrote epic stories starring him and his friends. A few years later he got into making ramshackle Dickie Goodman tributes on his cassette deck. 


Little changed from there.


After a lifetime spent as a musician, filmmaker, writer and archivist, he continues to follow his own vision on his own terms and damn the consequences. This is not just a token of his unyielding integrity; it is also an outcome of various PTSD-derived mood disorders that have finally landed him on disability support as of late 2017. JC couldn't make it in the 'cultural industries' if he wanted to, and he kind of did want to, once. However, his persistent inability to manage a simple shmooze or basic collaboration without freaking the hell out has led him to his current vocations: basically, making new art out of old salvage media; "Home Rock"; and bottomless variations on grade school show-and-tell. Occasionally he crawls out the front door for a delightful workshop or rejuvenating public appearance, inevitably followed by several weeks of laboured recovery.

Unpopular Arts brings together pretty much every damn thing J has done with himself up to this point. As he continues to do other things, Unpopular Arts will bring those together too.